Lalit Mahadeshwar


This is to bring to your notice that Mr. Lalit Mahadeshwar, who is also known by the name of Jagannath Jayawant Mahadeshwar, has been permanently blacklisted from being associated with BioEnable in any manner on the grounds of fraudulent activities and violation of contractual terms.

Lalit Mahadeshwar is a Digital Strategist and the founder of Sateri Systems Inc. in addition to this, Lalit Mahadeshwar is the Director of Sateri Software Services Private Limited, a company registered in Mumbai, and Iritech Technology India Private Limited, which is a subsidiary of a South Korean Company Iritech Inc.. Lalit Mahadeshwar is serving or has served as US representative for NEC, an incubator floated for Start Up initiative of Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Govt. of India.

In 2018, Lalit Mahadeshwar entered into an Distribution Agreement with BioEnable to supply goods. An advance amount was paid by BioEnable in furtherance of this Agreement. Lalit Mahadeshwar violated the contractual terms by not supplying the devices. Later he issued a cheque to settle the payment which was dishonored. For such fraudulent activities, BioEnable has filed a criminal complaint against Lalit Mahadeshwar and has also filed a case for cheque bounce before the concerned court of Pune.

BioEnable warn the public from dealing with Lalit Mahadeshwar, Sateri Software Services Pvt Ltd, Iritech Technology india Pvt ltd, so that proper legal action could be taken and further fraudulent activities could be avoided.

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